Real Estate Development Services

MacMillan Development provides comprehensive real estate development services to make it easy for clients to rapidly and efficiently move a project from start to finish. Owner Stuart MacMillan helps synchronize team professionals with expertise in site selection, land use approvals, financial funding, growth planning and more, that work well to meet clients’ goals and that can be executed for both large and small projects. Services come with over 35 years of experience, solid, trusted relationships with strategic partners in the community and a successful track record.

Together, we can make a positive impact on the community and on the people who work and live here.

Site Selection
MacMillan Development takes a consultant approach to help clients choose and obtain the right location. Starting with the client’s desired criteria, business goals and timeframe, Stuart MacMillan assists the client through a methodical plan assessing locations and community to ultimately collaborate on final site selection.

Land Use Approvals
Maximizing values for land is always an objective right from the start. Stuart MacMillan works closely with the client, engineers, planners, architects and other consultants as needed to prepare an application and effectively present it to necessary approvals on land entitlements for any site or planned construction project.

Financial Feasibility

Stuart MacMillan does the homework to ensure that clients make smart choices and invest in a project or plan with confidence. MacMillan will study the market, conduct research, evaluate project costs and returns to determine whether a property is financially sound and viable.

Development Team Selection

Assembling the right team is critical for success. Stuart MacMillan has strong, longtime relationships with architects, engineers and contractors and other consultants in Northern Colorado. MacMillan is the conduit to putting together a team of seasoned professionals that specialize in the different areas needed to fulfill each role in the development process.

Financial Partnership Funding

Investors recognize the value of a trusted partner with a credible reputation. Stuart MacMillan assists clients to secure funding through third-party sources for different types of projects, getting the most advantageous financial plan available for the client.

Strategic Growth Planning

We are fortunate to live in an area that is seeing tremendous growth. Creating a plan for expansion and growth is just as critical as it is when initially starting a project. Stuart MacMillan helps clients assess whether or not expansion will meet market needs or if a market will support an expansion. The goal is to make sure clients get maximum return on their investment.

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